It’s Time to Grow Up! Your Business and Your Life!
It’s Time to Grow Up! Your Business and Your Life!

      The Biblical Entrepreneurship System  

Our Purpose

       Utilize Biblical principles to nurture resourcefulness in Leaders  to be          mature disciples, grow their Initiatives and thrive financially.


Our Mission

      To provide an ideal environment for Leaders to grow personally and         professionally through training, peer support and executive coaching.


The 10 Pillars every business needs to flourish!

Pillar 1: Biblical Principles

Pillar 2: Vision from Start to Succession

Pillar 3: Leadership & Team Best Practices

Pillar 4: Marketing & Sales Education

Pillar 5: Accounting Methodologies

Pillar 6: Service Expertise 

Pillar 7: Systems Implementation

Pillar 8: Communication Strategies

Pillar 9: Strategic Planning

Pillar 10: An Inspirational Charter


Benefits of Membership


1. Monthly Networking Meetings 

  • Collaborate and socialize with other members
  • Team up with the local business community 
  • Business card and ideal client referral exchanges
  • Q & A sessions

2. Intensive Training for Reigning

     Weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly even daily delivery of webinars,       video on demand programs, workshops, seminars, retreats, web-            based training. Trainers, guest speakers facilitating interactive                  presentations and other training resources as needed. Group and            individual based. You get the training resources you need! 


Introduction to Biblical Entrepreneurship

Starting a Business that Matters

Building a Business that Matters


Building a Business from Start to Succession

The Entrepreneur Success Formula

Five Levels of Business Progression

A Living Strategic Plan

A Charter for Life


Leadership & Winning Teams

Intro: Family vs. Employees

Culture Management


Pay for Performance

Conflict Management

Popular but Flawed Motivational Theories

The Five Temptations of a Leader         


Sales & Marketing

The Five P’s of Marketing

The Seven C’s of Business Communication

Pricing Configuration

Campaign Management

Sales Pipeline Management

Customer Relationship Management

Market Positioning

Customer Lifetime Value

Recurring Revenue


Keeping Accounting Simple

The Income Statement

The Balance Sheet

The Cash Flow Statement

Simple Accounting Methodologies

Simple Planning (Budgeting)


Being Service 

Service Philosophy Management

Service Distinctiveness

Service Guarantees

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Customer Loyalty Programs


Systems Implementation

Product/Service Development Management

Supply Chain Management

Total Quality Management


Experience Curve


Business Process Redesign

Problem Solving Process


3. Bi-Weekly Coaching

  • Monthly problem-solving sessions with your peer team
  • Monthly leadership coaching session with an Executive Coach
  • Online best practice webinars and small group sessions

4. Visibility

Printed Resource Directory 

The printed resource directory is a listing of current members and their businesses. Printed on-demand.


Online Resource Directory

 Directory listings of members in a guide for Believers website will  expose your business to the Washington Metropolitan and the  world.


Collaborative Promotions

         Opportunities for joint ventures with other business members,              local assemblies, Metropolitan Washington’s Christian                          Entrepreneurs and the community at large.


Business Networking Expo

        Highlight your business to local church members and                           the Washington Metropolitan community at large.





The Empowered Believers Report!

Each Tuesday we publish the best in the business, articles, reports, book reviews even best practice aids that's applicable to professional and entrepreneurial Believers.

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Reviewed and put into Biblical perspective by Bill Griffin III. Delivered digitally.

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