It’s Time to Grow Up! Your Business and Your Life!
It’s Time to Grow Up! Your Business and Your Life!

An Innovative Experience Created 4 & By Entrepreneurial Believers!

BEN levels the playing field between average and great. BEN is the answer for believers who are ready, willing and motivated to take their business and life to a higher level.


How BEN is Transforming Christian Businesses


Our courses have their foundation in the bible and implement best practices. We work in partnership with several ministries and educators.


Members have access to over 200 specialty courses that explain important business concepts such as communications, sales, marketing, accounting, finance, business law, human resources, business planning, business operations, technology, service management, even social media... We use Harvard Business School case studies for discussions and comparison.


BEN strives to replace any strategy or belief slowing you down or keeping you from experiencing quantum leaps in your business, personal or professional life. You will have direct access to a Christian coach using biblical laws of increase and spiritual principles to keep you on track and accountable to your goals and assignments.


3.  THE BEN TRIBE – The Power of Being One

  Our tribe of believers provide you with the connections that you will come to appreciate.   Unite for resources, celebration, brainstorming, networking even a consoling space if something      unfortunate happens.


You experience an environment of unconditional support from your tribe who believe in you, who champion you, keep you in their prayers and give you leads.


You are “always abounding in the work of the Lord” and you reach your desired level of success, faster than you ever would on our own.



The Bible will provide you the approach to success with the exact steps you need to break through self-imposed barriers that stop you from thinking and playing larger life roles. You will get the tools you need to access and increase your faith, expand the vision of your business, and gain the courage and strategies you need to take quantum leaps in every area of your life.


     Making the right decisions about your future and the future of your business is an important      process. If you get clear on your goals and calculate the return on your investment from a place of            abundance you will see clearly. Are you ready?


     If we were meeting here exactly one year from today, looking back over the last 12 months, what      would have had to happen (both personally and professionally) for you to feel happy with your                  progress? Let these become your goals for the next 12 months. Would accomplishing these goals be          worth your investment?


Three roads to travel with Believers Empowerment Network Program: Grow Up! 

Private Church Group Membership (Pastor approval needed)

City Group Membership

Individual Membership

All Memberships have a 100% Money Back Guarantee.


If you are interested in taking the next step toward a completely new level of your own success, contact us. We will discuss, at no charge, your situation and how we can help you have the life you truly desire. Please Click Contact Us!

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